7-10-2018 Tarot - The High Priestess

This card is the perfect image of Jupiter turning DIRECT today! That was a Hell of a swim to the depths of darkness, huh? It's has finally released and you may feel that shift in energy! You can come up for some air now!! However, there is still aplenty to be worked out. What did you learn the past five months as you were taken backwards into the depths of your soul? Jupiter is all about transformation and abundance. Jupiter WANTS to bless your life! However, you were taken back to learn a few things before these blessings could ever come to you. The work you did will start coming to fruition starting today! You may have had to discover some hard truths about yourself and that is okay, good, you're human! Once you discovered whatever it was you needed to see, that is when you face it, forgive it within yourself and correct course for change! If you feel like you're going backwards in life right now, well, you kind of are and have been. Six planets were in backwards motion asking you to take a step back to correct things that have been holding you back. This could be old destructive patterns you needed to see and release, a relationship that has run it's course, a career/job you haven't really been happy at, allowing others and your OWN ego to keep you small, etc. Change is coming in NOW and it's coming fast! It may not look like anything you had imagined but I am telling you to just go with it! You may think you are being taken backwards down a path you no longer wanted to go however, that path may need to be revisited and reworked with the knowledge you have now to get you to where you wanted to be back then but may have not made such great decisions back then and it has taken you longer. GO WITH IT with the lessons now learned! This time will be different! Come undone! Grow! Believe in your own competency! It'll take you places you only dreamt before! If this period of transformation has been painful, you should start to feel brand new in the next few weeks. Miracles and sheer luck are happening NOW! Don't you dare forget anything you had to learn this past five months, that's your warning... Get life right, YOURS.


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