7-11-2018 Tarot - Ace of Wands

Well, thank goodness, this is a great card!

Do you entertain fear or faith? It's one or the other, can't have both and have faith work for you.

There will be something new showing up for you but it is your own will whether you take it up or not. This could be anything and all I can think is to expect the unexpected. Some things show up when you least expect them and those things are usually more lasting. I am talking fated things here! Are you ready and willing? Is your heart, arms and mind wide open to accept it? Get ready if not!

This card also speaks to me in the sense of a caterpillar in its cocoon preparing for its shedding into a beautiful butterfly. Some things HAD or HAVE to be shed now so this newness can show up! SO many have been faced with their past or their darkness recently. Do NOT fear it! Embrace it, face it, resolve it and evolve from it!! EVERYONE has dark and light within. This darkness is not anything to fear. Some darkness is good to have and some needs to be resolved so that more light can be brought in. What do I mean by this? The good that you have been blocking! When I say darkness, this could be anything from old fears, projections from others that never belonged to you but you owned because you simply didn't know any better or ways that you self sabotage and block what it is that your heart truly desires. You've got this! Now, go do it!! YOU have ALWAYS been WORTHY but do your beliefs stop you in your tracks and you don't even realize it? Whatever you desire, watch the two videos for more. If you want the damn thing (whatever that may be) then take the steps to go get it! Have faith that what you desire will show up!

Repeat this;






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