7-16-2018 Tarot - Nine of Pentacles

Work hard and you get to play hard! Your struggles are soon over as you have changed and corrected a past course! Now, if you have sat around doing nothing to change your circumstances then this card does not apply for you.

Many have been put to the test and have dug deep to find what it is that would alter their current circumstances. If you wanted to get unstuck then a major change had to happen. You will begin to see the fruits of your labor sooner than you think as you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts. Do not fear any new changes that have come about for you, rather embrace them knowing that you are headed down the correct path at this time. You will gain through your hard work, discipline and commitment to it. Get to work! Apply yourself, focused on your plan of action. Stick to a plan and get the job done. You will lose if you put in very little effort or none at all. Be cautious and do not do things from the past that didn't work out. Think forward movement. The number nine stands for fulfillment! This is a very fertile time for you! Go for it! You are worthy of what you desire but you will have to make an effort! Do NOT be afraid of taking those first steps towards it! Let FAITH be your guide! Nothing can change without your effort. How long do you wish to stay stagnant? Not long I hope! The life you want is waiting on you! The recent eclipse may have eclipsed something from you but only because its energy was stagnant and ready to be done. It was actually holding you back from becoming 100% you! Let it go and let life flow! You want a new life? Then make something new happen!


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