7-17-2018 Tarot - Nine of Swords

Tough times never last but tough people do! Many of you may be having issues with sleep this week as we are in-between eclipses. Don't fret. Instead, take a look within and see what has your mind racing. Is it a fear? Most have not ever happened to you. However, if you would like to see it come to fruition then keep thinking it.. Is a situation bothering you? If so, let it go. You cannot control it anyway. The only thing you can ever control is yourSELF. So, this is where I will say, get AHOLD of yourself! Does your life look like what you want it to? Why not? How are you in your own way? In your mind, that's how. Over-thinking can destroy and cripple you from taking any actions at all. You must take some form of action to see the change you wish to see. Whether this is in the form of getting your mind or emotions straight, or letting go of someone or something that has run its course. If some thing or someone or a situation has yet to be eclipsed from you, it is soon about to happen. It may just be a repetitive toxic pattern that you hang onto. LET IT GO! Things can't be different without some form of change happening and that change is coming whether you are ready or not. Will you step out of your own way and handle this week effortlessly or will it drag you unwillingly? The choice is yours.. My advice? LET GO AND LET LIFE FLOW. Get into the mindset of being positive. Stay away from ANY negativity whether it's coming from yourself or is around you from others.


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