7-18-2018 Tarot - Five of Pentacles

Times have looked very bleak for many. Struggles have been aplenty. Those times are nearing an end as help is near. You have to say something or do something different to change your course. Sitting around worried in a state of fear in your head won't get you anywhere. Reach out! Someone is going to help you in some way, shape or form. If there's a will (yours), there's a way! Hard times are almost OVER. We have all been through the ringer so to speak. Whether emotionally, physically or monetarily. It is coming to an end! In the meantime, you must have faith and keep a positive attitude even in the midst of struggle. Easier said than done, you say, but it is true. Your thoughts do create things! Take a look into your own thoughts for one day and see how well you treat yourself. Test it out! Are they negative or positive? Luckily, the universe doesn't always deliver as fast as Amazon Prime!! Especially when you are down and out in a negative spiral. Seriously, if you are down, there is someone that can help you. You just have to reach out, speak out and get out!

No one and I mean no one makes it alone. Everyone has had help somehow! If we were meant to go it alone in every single thing we did then there would only be you on this planet because you wouldn't need anyone or anything else. There are over seven billion people on this planet, so reach out if you are struggling. Even when you are feeling alone, you aren't, because someone else out there is feeling it too.

Keep your head filled with positive thoughts. See, think and feel that which you desire until it becomes natural to you. That life you want? It's been waiting on YOU. Times are changing, reversal in fortunes are happening, love is coming. It's all waiting on YOU. You will only struggle as long as you allow. You are way more brilliant than you may realize and you are WORTHY!


"This is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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