7-19-2018 Tarot - Ace of Swords

Looks like someone isn't telling the truth. Could it be you or someone you're dealing with? Doesn't matter because those truths are going to be revealed! Lies can run and they can hide but the truth always prevails! Just be honest and ask for honesty. Whether you get it right away is another story but it will come out. Anyone trying to hide behind lies right now is going to be exposed. If more people would just take the masks off if would be nice, right? But fear stops that so often. Fear of being liked or accepted for exactly who they are. Fear of their dark sides being shone in the light. Being truthful is a very hard thing for some. Try to see beyond any lies that you may be facing right now whether from within or from another to see the root of the real issues at play. Walk away from deception. It serves no one. For sure, someone's pants are going to catch on fire very soon and the whole damn thing is going to burn down. I hope it isn't you. Things are being exposed to clear obstacles, the past, and any difficulties you have been dealing with to open your path to a new beginning. Expect to cut to the core of any bullshit that may arise with complete clarity. However, do not judge unless you are in fact perfect. Just see the truth and walk away if it cannot be resolved. Forgiveness is up to you but you will know where you stand. Trust you intuition! Stay away from any gossip! For what the gossiper says, says more about the gossiper than the persons they are gossiping about!

Go back through last weeks readings to see how that may apply to your week ahead.


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