7-2-2018 Tarot - Two of Wands

You're going to have a decision to make soon. You'll know exactly what this is. If you cannot make a certain decision right away, take a little time and listen to your intuition. Do not take too much time as you could lose one of the options. Do not get yourself stuck in fear. If you've been asking for something to change then something in you needs to change to create that change. Do not fear something new! If you are stuck in fear or stuck in your past then you will continue down the same road again that led to wear you are now and have the same feelings about it as now. Do not be repetitive here, take that step towards a new path. Do not stay stuck and continue to limit yourself! It is time for something different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result. Make a choice and GO FOR IT. Yes, change can be scary but you know what's even more scary? Staying the same your entire life!! Listen to the video below. THIS VIDEO IS LIFE!! (Thanks to my friend Lynn for sharing with me not knowing yet of today's card. Divine timing my friend!)



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