7-23-2018 Tarot - Strength

What you're being faced with or what you're about to, is going to require your strength. It takes a lot of strength NOT to be who you may have always known and NOT to act or react in ways that didn't serve you in your past. It's time for new beginnings but first there will be the loss of something and what that is will be somewhat up to you. You've got the power within to have what you want, to be what you want and to go where you want. It's time to make a decision and take the necessary steps needed to change something within you to change your path towards this newness.

Now, if anyone is trying to mess with you they may hear your roar instead of your purr. Most everyone is a little touchy right now. When a cat has had enough, it strikes and the claws come out. Don't unnecessarily provoke anyone and if you're being provoked then use your strength, be wise and walk away. Most won't be worth your energy anyway. After all, it's probably not your fight. People that provoke are projecting a fear or insecurity from within themselves. No need to fight with them because if they're in that spot they won't see your point anyway. Do you. Focus on what brings you joy and go there. Be in such a state of your own joy that no one can penetrate and break that for you. This is YOUR life. It's time to open your heart, to you. You've got the power! The serenity prayer below.. "to accept the things you cannot change", does not mean you have to accept it and stay. Accept it and move on.. Accept that it may in fact not belong to you or be your issue. "The courage to change the things you can", you can only change yourself and that is part of that "wisdom". Go be happily you now. It's time. And it's time for a new path. One that brings you joy because you are in fact worthy of that. "Serenity", is a peaceful knowing. Take a deep breath, and see your own worth. Let the past slip away where it belongs, don't worry about a future that doesn't exist yet and live in the now, the only thing you've got. It's your time to shine! Don't you dare let those fears or restrictions from the past stop you! You don't live in that non-existent space anymore! You're here now! Go live fully!


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

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