7-24-2018 Tarot - Wheel of Fortune

What does your life look like right now? Is it what you want, are you where you want to be? You co-created it. How? Your thoughts, your actions, your belief of others projections onto you. You want things to change? The wheel of fortune says it's all yours but something has to change and that something has to be you. You need to take action somewhere in your life to see something change. If you are feeling lost right now, don't worry about it, the answers will soon be coming to you. You have to still your mind, get quiet and relax in order for the answer to show itself to you. The wheel of fortune is a change in fortune whether good or bad, depends on you and the actions you have taken. If you have been bettering yourself then great, you will so very well. If not, then you better get your act together or this reversal of fortune will not be very pretty for you. Anything you have can be lost in the blink of an eye but things can also change in the blink of an eye towards something better for you. All of this is coming from what seems out of nowhere. Get ready.. Be a good human and you'll do fine.. I see this card also as a type of karma card. Karma works both ways. Good or bad. What kind of person have you been to yourself and others? You want good things then start treating yourself better and those around you. Life has a boomerang effect. What you put out shall at some point return. Some things need to leave your life even though you think they may not so that what is better can come in. Trust that all s happening for good reason! Let go and let life flow! Correct the things you can, where you can. Face yourself, your dark and your light. Know that you are a worthy being and start treating yourself as so! Letting just one thing go can make the biggest difference in your life at this time. It's crucial for you to have what it is you really want. This could be an old routine that no longer serves you, a bad habit, negative thoughts, believing others projections about you, fears, substance abuse, negative people, a bad job that you are not happy at etc.. YOU, have to make a change to see the change! Make the change! The Universe/God has your back and will support your efforts!!


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