7-26-2018 Tarot - Ten of Cups

No matter what you're currently facing or the struggles you are going through, continue to follow your goals! What you are currently going through is what you need to go through to get you to where you need or want to be. There really is only one path, the one you are currently on. Can the path change? Absolutely and thank goodness for that! You have that power to change that path at any given moment in time and the only time is right now as right now is all that truly exist. Many of you are being put to the test right now. KEEP PUSHING THROUGH!! You will be rewarded very soon for your efforts. You may feel like you're going backwards in life to something you'd never see or do again but trust that it is only there for correction. To correct your course.

You will also be viewing everything in your life at this time. Such as who, what and where makes you happy. What doesn't will soon fall away and let it! It's time for things of the past to fall away so that you can start new. It may not feel good to lose things such as a job, a relationship of any kind, etc., but you will soon find that you will be so much happier. These are fated times we are all going through RIGHT NOW! Go with what comes even if it scares the Hell out of you. What will be will be. Now, I am not saying to go with anything bad, or anything that your gut intuition says not to. I am saying to push through your fears because what's on the other side will be so beautiful you will think it's too good to be true, but it's not, it will be very true and very real. Push through whatever you are going through because you are about to step into a very fortunate part of your life. Trust, have faith and know that you are about to be blessed, because you are! YOU ARE VERY WORTHY OF WHAT YOU WANT!


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