7-27-2018 Tarot - Judgement

WOW! To have this card fall from the deck today is ESPECIALLY DIVINE with today's FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN AQUARIUS!!

Prepare yourselves!

This card is referred to as a time of resurrection and awakening, a time when a period of our life comes to an absolute end making way for dynamic new beginnings.

DO NOT fear this end! Endings are NOT what you may want to assume. It could be the end to a way of life that was hindering you, a situation or thought pattern you've been stuck in, etc.. Yes things are breaking down! People are breaking down! These breakdowns are MUCH needed to catapult you to your NEW WAY OF LIFE that will be so much better for you! Again, DO NOT FEAR AT THIS TIME! Let things go and let life flow!! IT'S JUDGEMENT TIME! If you have been on a path trying to figure life out proactively, and not living in some delusional bubble, then you will definitely fair better than those stuck in that bubble!! Your time is coming either way, good or bad. Hunker down today, mind your own P's & Q's, and just be a good human! This eclipse reminds me of the caterpillar finally coming out of its cocoon! When all is said and done you will finally be able to breathe easy again and FLY FREE! THIS eclipse is bringing or already has brought FATED BLESSINGS with it! Some are shocking, some are things you thought you would never return to but trust that it is being presented for your own highest good and we are also under a Mercury retrograde in Leo, opposing this moon. IT IS TIME TO REDO, REVISIT, REMAKE SOMETHING SO THAT IT IS BETTER THIS TIME AROUND! Trust this incredible journey!! LOVE IS THE ANSWER, FOLLOW YOUR HEART, STAY HEART CENTERED! LOVE YOURSELF!


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