7-3-2018 Tarot - Queen of Swords

Today's card is asking you to give yourself a reality check. It's not always "everyone else" that needs one like you would like to think. UH OH.. The mirror is facing you and you will be facing yourself. Growth doesn't come from telling yourself or others lies, it comes from facing the truth. Are you afraid to be who you are, your vulnerable self, under the harder exterior that you portray? Are you afraid to let people see the real you? They probably see right through your b.s. anyway, honestly. You can fool yourself better than no other can fool you. Have you become a cynical, jaded human? Why? Who is to blame for that? You teach people how to treat you by what you allow. What have you allowed? Where in life did you let yourself down, where did you allow others to let you down and you believed that was your fate? Get to the root of all this so that you can find some joy again. But in order to have true joy, you will need to get REAL vulnerable and open your heart. Life is way too short not to simply be happy. There is PLENTY to be grateful for! What are you experiencing while here on your earthly visit?

Get things corrected. If you want a new path, then stop taking the old one. Stop doing the same redundant things. It is not everyone else. IT IS YOU. You think you got it bad? If you're reading this, you have internet don't you? I'm by no means discrediting what you may be going through but is it really as bad as you think? If you think it is, then make a change, in YOU.

If you are stuck in victim mentality then watch the video. However, WARNING, it may be too graphic for some of you!


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