7-31-2018 Tarot - Ace of Cups

You know how you fly? You get rid of the dead weight! What's been holding you down, holding you back? Is it you, another person in friendship, an intimate relationship, a dead end job? Whatever is toxic in your life, it's time to kick it's ass to the curb! Times are changing, NOW. You say you want that new beginning but something is holding you back and you know it. It's time to let loose of any emotional baggage and toxicity. You suffer as long as you say so.. So, how much longer would you like to do that? A new life is waiting on you. YOU!

Make the moves you know you need to make and get that new beginning in motion!

I know many of you are still dazed and confused from the recent eclipses and we are in between eclipses now. Next one on August 11th in the sign of Leo. The fog is about to lift and anything not serving your highest good is going to be shown. You most likely already know what it is but may not have the courage, strength, or know how to let it loose yet. You will very soon.

You have to open yourself up to the possibilities of new relationships, romantic or otherwise, that have the ability to make you emotionally fulfilled. Don't you want that? Who doesn't? You have to start doing things differently, change the routine, take a new path.. This card is about turning over a new leaf in your life.

It is important for you to open yourself to more opportunities for friendships, love and the things that truly make YOU happy! There is a chance now to put your past behind you, for you are being offered the gifts of the cups.

It is up to you whether you take the cup and drink to the fullest. Don't walk, RUN!! That new life is on the other side of your comfort zone. Have FAITH, and trust you are taken care of on this new journey, because you WILL be! Trust that your gut/intuition knows what you need to release! You just may not want to accept it.

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