7-5-2018 Tarot - Four of Cups

Most everyone has been through the ringer and is exhausted but there is good news to this, if you will, the light at the end of the tunnel. The thing with the tunnel, get out of it. It's not somewhere you have to stay until you "see the light".. There's been a lot of darkness sure, but how long you stay in it is up to you. You are the light. You are also the darkness. Many of you feel you don't know which direction to turn next. There is an answer. Maybe you don't like the answer or it isn't what you thought it to be and it may just be temporary but it is an answer to the current situation. You will be offered a solution but will you take it or stay stuck where you are? One place gets you to the next in life. That's the way it goes so you may as well go with it instead of fighting it. If you were swimming, would you prefer to swim with the current or exhaust yourself against it? Hmm. Do NOT turn offers or ideas down at this time! Taking them will get you to where you want to be. Now, get up and get going with life! You are worthy and the Universe/God knows it, as should you! You're about to be given the opportunity to get yourself unstuck. Whether it's a soulution from within (light bulb moment) or a solution from an offer from another. Take it!


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