7-6-2018 Tarot - The Devil

Today's theme is the devil inside. You know, the one that stops you from doing what you really need to or desire. It has an alternative name. It's called FEAR. Are your fears crippling you? It only take a few seconds to spiral into that dark hole of fear. Do you have a good network of people around you that pull you out or ones that feed your devil? Fear can and will cripple your life and those intimately around you. Fear can make you want to control everything and everyone around you so that YOU feel safe. Are you doing this? If so, you're not living a real life. You're living a real fake one. Get out of the illusion! How can you show up for life when you're not showing up for yourself. It's time to get real honest and face yourself. Face what you fear! Fear is false evidence appearing real. Most fears are NOT real! And, the thing you fear will probably never happen. Has it happened in the time period that you've spent fearing it? Most likely not! Put your fears where they belong, to rest! Life is so short, please get out there and live it and go with the flow! You are worth this! You owe it to yourself! How much time and life moments have you wasted on your fears? The devil doesn't even pay you rent so kick it out! I'm not saying we all don't have some fears, some actually save our lives as what we may perceive as a fear is actually our intuition. There is a huge difference! Rational fear is your intuition immediately speaking to you followed by taking an action. Irrational fear that is mistaken as intuition will have you spinning in your mind until you feel sick. I'm speaking of an immobile life due to fear. Stop blocking life! And stop taking on others projected fears! Video below is actually pretty funny, check it out.


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