8-1-2018 Tarot - Five of Swords

OY VEY! Today may reveal something you hadn't planned for! CONFLICT..

If you don't have any in your life then great! But don't count on it today. It'll involve you or be around you in some way, shape or form for sure. This could be conflict within about a matter you really need to get straight and release once and for all. Something holding you back? Your thoughts, fears, being stuck to your past? Think on this and get it right.

Another way this card can play out in conflict is feeling defeated, even if you thought you won at something. Winning isn't always winning just like thinking you're right about something doesn't always make you right. You may win an argument but did you really win the battle?

Another way is backstabbing. Are you the backstabber? Is someone backstabbing you? Honestly, there is a lot of that going on right now and has been and will until November. Keep your circle tight and small is all I can say. Do you trust who is around you? Hurt people, hurt people! And you know the saying, you are who your friends are.. So, who is in your circle? Who and what is your reflection? Are you happy? If not, it's never too late to fix that! Are you surrounded by hurt people or people that have joy and lift you up? What is your part in all that?

Regardless, there is aggression in the air today, beware.. Be careful what you say, what you hear and believe (make sure it's actually coming from the source), be careful in your response, act don't react - because it's not what happens but how you react to it that matters, be mindful driving and handling sharp objects or heavy equipment.

Have you had enough of the bullshit in your life yet? It's time to do something about this. This is a brand new day. What will you do with it? What will you change to make it better for you and everyone around you? It's time to man up, not fall further down! Stop settling for a lessor life than you want! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Stop hurting yourself, stop hurting others and stop allowing others to hurt you! Find a way to love, above all, YOURSELF! You, are worth that. If you wanna fight for something, fight for your worth, stand up! You are truly only winning when you lift another up, not drag them down! You are included in that, lifting yourself up as well. Also, remember that NO ONE is here to complete you, only be in compliment of you! How's that working in your life? If you find yourself in any type of conflict, step back, think before reacting too quickly. Some things you cannot take back, yet somethings don't need to be and need to be finished. You'll know what this is.


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