8-10-2018 Tarot - Four of Swords

I know many of you are utterly exhausted! I feel ya but everything you have been going through is to put you where you are meant to be and that place is SO much better. You are almost to the other side of things! This card is asking you to find time for yourself, even if it is just a few minutes a day, take a rest, or do something that is just good for you. These eclipses (which are OVER tomorrow) have been no joke! Many have been running like crazy and others feeling completely blocked. All of this is about to change for you! The answers have been presenting themselves, but have you been acknowledging them or ignoring them out of fear or maybe you thought you were above the answers presented? Many of the answers to all of this lie in your past, somehow tied to your past. Do not fear this! Get still with yourself. There is something to revisit and might have to go back and redo but you will need to retreat within to see this if it has not yet presented itself to you and by presented I mean an epiphany within. All answers truly lie within but you won't see them if you are still entertaining the bullshit.. There needs to be a revisit to your past to break free however what lies ahead may be similar yet very, very different this time around and in the best way. As with yesterday's card, see where you may have sold yourself short, settled, treated yourself poorly, and get to work fixing it! You've got this! You always did! Life has been waiting on you! Aren't you ready for that yet? There is great healing when you stop with the bullshit and get your life moving for you. You will look back at all of this someday and ask yourself what in the Hell took you so long to break free! Trust me there! Rejuvenate your soul by loving yourself more than your fears!

Get out a mirror, stare in it and listen to the song below applied to yourself. Today is a brand new day and there needs to be a brand new YOU!

YOU are WORTH this life being good to YOU but first it is YOU that has to be good to YOU! Life works with what you say, feel and do! So what do you say, feel and do today? Make a difference! You matter! Get the fuck up before someone else kicks you harder than you have already kicked yourself!! It is NEVER too late to start over! GO! Follow your heart, face yourself, because everywhere you go, there you are! You hold that final sword. Are you going to stick yourself with it or get out there and fight for your life?

Love you all!


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