8-14-2018 Tarot - King of Pentacles

Since the recent eclipses, some of you may feel like you've been shot out of a cannon, others may still be a little dizzy from it all. This is a great card though!

This card is of strength and good things to come. What did you learn from the past month? Take whatever happened as lessons for your growth, grow stronger from them not weaker. They were all meant to make you a stronger person within. To stand in your worth and love yourself more. Good things are coming for those that took the opportunities to better themselves and didn't fall prey to their weakness which is fear. Faith was where you had to be through it all. Faith in a higher knowing that you were being guided to something better for you. Some had to let things fall away, tough as that may have been, it was for your highest good. You will soon see the results of all your hard work coming in and they will be better than what your fears would have you imagined.

Through the eclipses you were asked to see where you played a part in your own life, how you may have settled and let yourself down over the years. You were asked to see who your tribe really was. What and whom you've been surrounding yourself with. Did it serve your highest good? The eclipses are still in effect for some time but it's strength not as severe so some of you may still be going through all of this. If so, know that you need to make some necessary changes in your life if you want to see your desires become a reality. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. The same will get you the same and how long you want to stay in that is totally up to you!

Want life to change, then change you. Every day is a gift for you to unwrap. Give yourself the gift of a good life that has only and always been waiting on you to show up. The eclipses and this card are asking you to mature and stop selling your life short. Be positive in your thoughts and emotions and surround yourself with the same and you will see a difference. When you show up for you, life will show up for you. There was or may still be for some of you, a lot of your own bullshit that you needed to let go of. Do not fear standing on your own, standing up for yourself, or standing in your worth. Once you do, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. You are going places and the Universe has your back!


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