8-16-2018 Tarot - The Hermit

You may find yourself in a reflective state of being and that is never a bad thing. Hindsight is 20/20. Take it all and learn from it. Don't repeat past mistakes, but were they really mistakes or just lessons for your soul to grow? I don't believe in mistakes.

Take the time to go back over your life. Do a life review to see where you need to make some changes. All things learned are good, bless them and go on about your way. As long as you are learning from them and aware then you're one step ahead. Be grateful for all, be grateful that you are able to recognize what may need to change about you. Let the past stay exactly that and don't repeat it. If you need to repeat something then make sure you're doing it with the goal of a different outcome this time around. Some of you are feeling lonely, I know. Your time is coming. Be that which you want to see reflected back. Treat yourself with the utmost respect and love. Be good to you. You are so deserving of that. Are you in a repeating pattern of generations before you that doesn't feel so good? Are you too rigid, too passive?

Abusive? Abusive to yourself? Something's gotta give and that has to be you. You will know what this is. Wherever you keep finding yourself that doesn't feel so great, there might lie your answer. It's time for a change. That time is now. Love yourself enough to want the best for you. You are and always were WORTHY. Good things are coming, they're just waiting on you.


( lyrics at 4:26 important)

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