8-20-2018 Tarot - Six of Pentacles

Good things don't come to those that wait. They come to those that have worked their asses off to attain them. Yes, there is luck and things can just fall in your lap but when that happens do you actually have the same appreciation for it? Doubtful. There is nothing like being rewarded for your hard work. Been working hard? Great news! You will be rewarded! However, I want to ask you one question here. How well are you at receiving? When something is offered to you, do you immediately have a grateful heart and thank the person or do you say things like, oh, you didn't have to do that? No, they didn't have to, they wanted to! So, don't ever try to poo away something that someone would like to gift you! Past patterns of low self worth, fears, guilt can often times make you miss out on the gifts that life and people are trying to give to you. Stop that! Be in acceptance! Be in gratitude for all!

If you have to work your ass off at something then make sure it is in bettering yourself and your ability to just receive. So many people block things from coming into their lives and don't even realize they are doing this. Self sabotage is a bitch and it comes from something in your past. The past no longer exist. It only remains in your mind so use mind over matter here. Your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have. Use it to your benefit. Now, also, to receive you must give. What can you give away that won't cost you a part of your soul? If it's costing pieces of your soul and draining you then it's not giving from the heart. If you are giving with any expectations then check to see if you are in a search for significance, a search to be seen and loved. The latter will drain you and eat away at your soul. To give freely is to live freely. Freely from your past. YOU are worthy! You are worthy to give and receive without any attachments.


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