8-21-2018 Tarot - The World

We are still in this theme of letting something go so that you can move forward to better things. The world awaits YOU! You have to let the fear go, the past and its behaviors that no longer serve your highest good, go. You may say you want certain things but what have you changed to make this happen? If nothing, then don't expect anything new and exciting. Most fears are not even real as most haven't even happened so why focus there? If you have a fear over something that did happen in the past then guess what? You made it past that also.

How can you be better to yourself? You have the strength within to have the breakthroughs that are needed to change your path to that which you desire. Break free, it is time. I believe that there are no wrong paths. You are always on the path you need at that time according to what you need to learn. However, the length of time there is up to you. You can learn as fast or slow as you say. Don't beat yourself up if you are yet to be where you want. No one is perfect and we all fuck up. That is normal living. If you are not happy then take a look at the situation you are in and what you can do to change it. People sit around waiting for life to happen when life is waiting for you to happen. Make it happen! Now is the time. Change is greatly needed within YOU. You co-create your reality. You can very well manifest what you want but you will have to take steps to get it. Sitting around in the same thing that didn't bring it to you won't work. Sometimes we manifest what our soul needs for a lesson unlearned. Learn from it and keep moving on. The faster you learn, the closer to what you desire. Life is levels. From 1-10, 1 being the lowest, where are you on that scale to what you desire? Commit to helping yourself get unstuck. Hold gratitude for it all. The contrast is what makes you know what you really want. Don't stay stuck in the contrast. There are two GREAT videos below for you.


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