8-22-2018 Tarot - Justice/Knight of Pentacles

Double whammy today! Not often that two cards fall out of the deck together..

The cards want you to know that they know how hard you have worked, how hard you have struggled to keep it together and have kept pushing through. Your reward is coming. EVERYTHING is in Divine timing, not our impatient timing. Justice will be served for all of your efforts in bettering yourself or your situation. Hopefully, you've been on the path to doing this through all these retrogrades we've had and currently still have in astrology. There was and still is quite a lot to redo, rethink, etc.. However, you are over the worst of it. Hooray, right?! Hard work = achievement! You WILL be shown the fruits of all your labor or already are seeing some of what is to come.

You've been asked to review your life, the path or paths you've been on. Did they serve you well?

Yes? Great! Keep going.

No? What do you need to see and change within? What do you need to let go of that could better your life? What in your reality needs changing?

If you don't feel good about where you are in life, that is for you to change and fix. Money is also tied to your worthiness. If you aren't making the money you need then look at your worth. You may state that you are worthy but yet not really feel it within. That is not worthy thinking. Worthy thinking/believing also doesn't make you a pompous ass.. Being worthy doesn't mean being egotistical. It means to love yourself enough to be in allowance of good things coming to you, being in acceptance and gratitude.

Every single person was born worthy and never lost that right. What you may have lost along the way however, was your power through others fears, projections and dysfunctions. It is time to gain your power back. You always were and still are a worthy, powerful being. Life's just waiting on you to step up to the plate and say enough is enough of the bullshit you've settled for, self sabotaged over and the allowance of being held back by others. Where did you lose your power? Don't you think it's time to step up for your own life's sake? The rewards await you. Victim mode won't get you anywhere but stuck. RISE UP for your life's sake!


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