8-27-2018 - 9-2 2018 Tarot..

This week I had planned to start a weekly tarot for you all as life has taken a very busy turn for me and posting daily has become too much for me right now. I will be posting this blog for the week instead. Next week will start the weekly tarot.

This week however has taken a toll on my heart for my friends and their families losses and their devastating pain.

I sit here devastated as I write this. Devastated for my friends losses of their children, nieces and nephews. If you are feeling down, PLEASE reach out. Someone will be there for you. You are never as alone as you may feel. It has been a rough week, Hell, it's been a rough past eight years for many. You have been asked to go through so many transformations of the self. It has NOT been an easy road. Those rough times will be lifting very soon if you have not already seen this happening for you but you HAVE to have FAITH. PURE UNWAVERING FAITH that you are SO loved and supported but you have to reach out and you have to be open, ready and accepting to make the necessary changes within. You HAVE to LOVE yourself enough to make it through the hard times, the hard feelings and reach out for help. You HAVE to accept what was and let go of what isn't ever going to be with other's and open yourself up to loving yourself more than your devastating - painful past, your bitterness, anger, addictions, weaknesses, etc.

LOVE is the answer and it is in loving yourself enough to see yourself through to the other side of all that you have been asked to rise up and do. It is in KNOWING that you are and always were WORTHY and SIGNIFICANT. No one can truly see you through but you, they can only guide and be there in support of your journey IF you are open to the help in supporting yourself in that change. No one said this life would be easy and at times it is so brutally hard but take it a little easier on yourself and your heart and reach out. Let someone be there for you until you can do it for yourself. No one here makes it alone. There is always someone for everyone but ultimately it is all on you. Take good care of YOU. You have more strength than you could EVER imagine. If you are here, you are here for a reason. Everyone has a purpose. Treat people with kindness right now and always. You never know what another has witnessed or personally been through in their life. EVERYONE needs to be holding hands right now instead of raising their fists. We are all here to walk each other to the ultimate destination which is HOME. Home is where the heart is..

YOU DESERVE TO LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN YOUR PAIN. Let go of those that are not supporting you in your path to healing and loving yourself. Let go of those that treat you unkindly. Hold tight to those that lift you higher. Life, it is way too short for anything else. I love you all. You ARE a worthy, deserving, beautiful being. Start treating yourself as so. You are really going to love him/her someday if you try.. That him or her is you. Life is waiting on you..

This week is sure to be tough and emotional for so many. Hang in there, you are so loved and if you are open you will see that love surrounding you.


"Helping other's is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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