8-3-2018 Tarot - Seven of Swords

You want life to get better? Something has to give, right? It's you. All on you. Something needs to change, something has to be let go of. A situation you're in, a relationship, negative thinking patterns, etc.

Where did you short change yourself? Where did you settle? Where did you lose control over yourself?

It's time to drop what no longer serves your highest good/desires. It's time to take a stand in your worth. It's time to stand up, speak up and move up! You're not waiting on life to happen! Don't kid yourself there.. Life is waiting on you to happen! Once you drop what no longer serves you, you will soar like an Eagle. Life gets easier when you stop selling yourself short! All paths are the right paths for your lessons in your souls growth but how long this takes to get to your goal and desires is totally up to you and your healing within. If you are not happy then do something, anything, to take that step forward to make a change for the better. There is no time like the present. It is the only time you are guaranteed. So, what are you waiting for? For someone else to make decisions for you, to rescue you from the work that only you can do? You want to live out someone else's dreams or your own? It's time to walk away. Is it the old you that you need to leave behind? If you're one of those that are waiting around for someone else to see you as significant, you'll be waiting forever. Only you can and should do that and when you do then others have no choice but to see it as you won't be settling for anything less. Take care of you. You matter the most. Like the crew on the airplane says, "Put your mask on first!"

And, by the way, there is no fear in faith. It's one or the other. I would choose faith. Life, is waiting on YOU. Life can't show up for you the way you dream until you show up for you!


(Mansionaire ~ Violet City)

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