8-7-2018 Tarot - Three of Cups

There is a reunion of sorts that will be happening. It may be a reunion with your true self. Who you were before any traumas or projections happened and you lost your true essence. Who you were before you allowed others to knock you down. And no, we don't purposely allow that. It's just all some know as a way of life as it's the only way they've ever known, until that day comes that you wake up and have had enough of your own and other's bullshit. You will be reuniting with yourself or someone else, friends, lovers, situations, careers. See what happens, as you never know.

If this is within, embrace it. Get to know who you really are. Love yourself for who you've become from where you have been but try your best to find that person that got lost somewhere along the line of life. Who are you? Really. We are all some byproduct of our past but please don't get lost or stuck there. Take time for yourself and find you again. Do things for you. Find things that bring you joy and happiness and get to know yourself again. Love yourself again! YOU are worth that for yourself and everyone around you. If people don't like the changes they see in you then that is not your tribe. That is your past, your old behaviors and thought patterns! As you change, so will your circle. Like energy attracts so don't be upset if people in your circle drop off as you rise up. Like attracts like and your tribe will get better at each level in self that you are willing to conquer. And the right people will show up and be by your side cheering you on! If you feel you're at rock bottom, then great!! There is only one place to go from there and that is up! Life is short. Don't allow yourself to be treated poorly. You wouldn't treat yourself that way on purpose would you? So why allow anyone else that control over you either?

THIS IS YOUR LIFE. ENJOY THE RIDE WHILE YOU'RE HERE! Eat, drink and be merry and who gives a rats behind if someone doesn't like who you truly are! BE YOU! CELEBRATE YOU! Don't leave your own side!! Truly, you are all you've got! BE GOOD TO YOU! THERE IS ONE PERFECT FIT AND THAT IS WITH YOURSELF. DON'T CHEAT YOURSELF THIS LIFE!! Listen to this song and apply it to yourself.


"Helping other's is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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