8-8-2018 Tarot - The Lovers

I wanna be your... Lovah. SKRRRRRT! Hold that thought!

Oh the retrogrades, all the retrogrades. There are currently 6 planets in backward motion. That means redo, review, revisit. Today may find you tense over a situation in any relationship especially as we get closer to the Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 11th.

Best to turn inward before you get turned out. Is this what you really want? The relationships in your life, they all good? Get them straight. Know your worth and stand right there. Stop settling and selling yourself short. You wanna be seen as significant? Easy! Get a mirror, there it is, the only person that matters, right there staring back at you.

Old lovers, old friends, old issues will be resurfacing at this time for you to get things straight and make sure if it's what you want to let back in your life, keep in your life or let go. If it's not what you really want, then why settle there? If it's not showing up as you want, ask yourself if you showed up for you first. Do you get tangled up in things because you're bored or lonely? Dig deep and find your true intentions. If your intentions are ego or fear based... Ouch. Won't be too pretty. Stay true to your heart. Not anything else. There is a reason people are taken out of your life and leave. However, sometimes you may need a reminder as to why that is. It's up to you the choice you make here but I hope it's a healthy one for you. You may meet someone new that feels like a soulmate you've known forever, then quickly be reminded why you haven't been together in a thousand years.. Yes, Watch out for past life lovers/relationships resurfacing at this time also. There is a reason you are not together this lifetime. If you're looking to be saved, good luck. You have to save yourself and you can and you will. If your head is in outer space - get back to work. Find things in life that make you purr like a kitten, not roaring like a lion. You're being asked by the planets to revisit your life and let go of what doesn't serve your highest good and accept change because oh boy is change coming if it has not already hit you! Might as well embrace it. Fighting it will hurt you even worse. Eclipse season is not over and something has to go. What that will be is totally up to you. These are extremely tough times but the gift you will be given for letting go and just allowing will be so much better than anything you could have imagined.


Lo Moon - Loveless

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