8-9-2018 Tarot - Knight of Wands

You know what feels good? TAKING YOUR POWER BACK!

Through these eclipses and Uranus moving into the sign of Taurus (your worth), have you seen where you gave over that control and did yourself a disservice? If you have yet to take your power back, it is time! No more games, no more settling for less than you deserve, no more allowing others to step on you. THAT is over! Settling is a symptom of low worth or boredom. Where did that get ya?

Who owns you? Who gets to say who, what and where to YOU? Hopefully just YOU!

Life gets easier when you get tired of your own bullshit. End of story there! If you got yourself stuck then you can get yourself unstuck. It's all on you! Don't point that finger either because three more point back at you..

Where did you let yourself down? I'm not saying it was all your fault, some things are just ingrained, but you believed them not knowing any better at the given time. Well, now it's time to see that and do something about it. NO MORE B.S.! You gotta look within, go deep, see where you sold yourself short and get your true self back!

Life is waiting on you to happen so it can happen for you the way you truly desire.

Many of you may be having huge epiphanies at this time as to what has truly held you back. Good for you, kudos! Some of these may come in the form of dreams, so keep a dream journal. Sometimes the answers come during sleep because you refuse to see them while awake.. Let your heart open back up, to YOU.

Love yourself more than anything else on this planet. You deserve to give yourself the love you have desired. Have you been a stranger to yourself? It's time to get to know YOU. This card represents sudden things, think insight. Prepare for a whole new life if you're willing to finally show up for it and for yourself! You have to take yourself on. In order to get back up, you had to fall.

If by chance someone is showing up in your life at this time, beware that it may seem too good to be true and it will most likely leave as fast as it came in. Trust your gut! Oh, and if you happen to be waiting on Karma to happen, make sure it's your OWN!


Kaleo - Way Down We Go


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