9/10-9/16/2018 Weekly Angel/Tarot-Aries


You are looking at a situation from purely a physical perspective, and therefore you cannot see the bigger picture and the blessings interwoven within this event. We, the Angels, urge you to trust, for all will work out in the best way possible. Let go of your fear and apprehension, and allow God's healing energy to flow to you. Trust, for all will heal in ways you never thought possible.

Aries, you need to have FAITH that all is going to work out. How can you better yourself in the ways that you are serving others and serving your own highest good? Let go of your worries to something higher than your SELF and trust that the Universe/God will handle things that are beyond your control. Do you serve others from your highest good? How do you see yourself, how do others see you? Love yourself enough to allow the real you to be seen and loved as you truly are at your core.

Make sure that you are not only taking care of you physical health but also your mental and spiritual health. What can you do for you that will better or expand your own well being so that it exudes out to others in the most positive ways? Love who you are, start there. Do not lose your true being doing things that you do not truly love and enjoy. Serve you and that will better serve others. Meditation, working out, getting out in nature and deep breathing techniques will help you this week to ground yourself mind, body and soul. Get rejuvenated. Time for a new you to be seen! Get organized in your daily life. Being organized makes daily tasks easier and will help you form a better suited routine.


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