9/10-9/16/2018 Weekly Angel/Tarot-Cancer


Express how you feel clearly, and honestly without fear or judgment. Say it exactly like it is. All will be resolved when you express yourself to others how you truly feel. Trust in the power of life to guide you, and heal all concerned. Self-expression is liberating and healing.

Okay Cancer, yes express yourself however, there is a way to do this so no one feels hurt including you. Say it with LOVE from your HEART. You are the most feeling sign of them all. You feel everything. Stop taking on others feelings when they don't truly resonate with how you may feel. Express your true feelings and stand by them. Do this for your own heart, do this for loving yourself a little more. You are totally worth what you desire but you won't get it until you speak it and stick to it. How can anyone know what you truly desire when you aren't speaking your truth? Stop waiting on others to show up and read your mind and show up for yourself this week by speaking what you want to see come into fruition. Something needs to end for something new to begin. You will know within what really needs to end. Have you been procrastinating in the comforts of waiting on others to read your mind yet find yourself unhappy because they haven't? It's time to do you boo! It's time to create by speaking up for yourself and what you truly desire to makes its way into fruition. It's a new week so make this a new you. You're not serving anyone by holding back the expression of words of what you really want. Keep that disservice to yourself and others where it belongs, in the past. It's okay and it's time to come out of your comfortable little crab shell. Life awaits you on the other side of your comfort zone.. SPEAK UP! We can't hear you.


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