9/10-9/16/2018 Weekly Angel/Tarot-Gemini


Wondrous possibilities and opportunities await you. Stop dwelling on past mistakes. Surrender the past lovingly, there is nothing to regret. All is always in perfect and divine order. Everything that you've ever experienced has helped you in some way. The past is behind you; the path ahead is clear. Move forward joyfully and fulfill your heart's desire.

Gemini, your focus this week may be on the past or the past tied to home and family, or finding what and where home really is for you. Home is where the heart is. Where is your heart at the most peace? If you find yourself dwelling over past issues, they are just that, past issues. It is time to move forward with your own life, to follow where your heart feels most at home, to build the home you always desired yet may not have had. No family is perfect but you can create what is perfect for you. Don't allow your past to creep into your now or your future. Forgive. You may never forget and maybe you shouldn't as those things that didn't bring you happiness were all contrast for you to go out on your own and find its opposite to create on your own. You are and always were loved by Creator. The Angels have your back. It's time to find your HOME. However, it all starts within. How do your thoughts help or hinder your own comfort? Something to ponder on this week. There are things you need to let go of in your mind so that new beginnings can come in and bring you the peace that you so crave and think about. Be you, speak your truth, stand by your creative mind but make sure you're being positive not only in your thoughts but also in what you will from now on accept in you heart (home). The past home lessons were only to make you stronger my dear.. How can you best serve yourself and other's this week? Let go of a lot that has clogged your mind.


"Helping other's is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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