9/10-9/16/2018 Weekly Angel/Tarot-Leo


Dare to be different; to make mistakes. Create, for it is in creation that YOU exist. In this world of dreams, that stem from the eternal heart, you are one with all creation. All is possible. Go forth and be true to yourself for it is only through being true to you that you can be true to others.

Leo, leo, leo... <3

Leo you rule the heart! Are you following yours? Are you standing in your worth for what you love and value? You will be asked this week to check into this matter. Are you being valued? Have you valued YOU? You are worth what you want but you better get a run on it. No time for catnaps this week! It's put up or shut up. No one wants to hear you roar anyway. Rest up it's going to be a busy week ahead. Everyone knows that cats need a lot of sleep so make sure you are getting a good nights sleep for what you will be facing in the days ahead. It's time to show up for you and what you really love and value. It's time for you also to stop selling yourself short and putting yourself back in the spotlight where you were always meant to shine like the Sun, your ruler, anyway! This week, it's time to hustle and POUNCE on what you want. Oh and purring will get it a lot faster than roaring.. BE nice, no one likes a mean cat. Giggles... You may need to roar a bit at yourself for holding yourself back for so long and settling where you shouldn't have. For not following that big ole heart of yours. If anyone tries to step on your heart this week, tell them no thanks and keep on walking. No need to scratch anyone or get scratched either. Keep the claws in, bring them out to knead your pillow at night to rest your pretty head and heart.

You'll be asked this week what it is you are really worth and put to the test to see if you think you deserve it or not. It won't be the easiest, as I said you'll need to hustle but you've got this. Cats are tough and can see in the darkest of places. MEoooooow. You're worth what you want, now go get it! No such thing as an unstable cat, they always land on their feet! Are you the cowardly lion? I think NOT. Stand in that worth, know what you want and go get it!


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