9/10-9/16/2018 Weekly Angel/Tarot-Virgo


Believe in yourself -- you are a wonder of creation. Wash away all fear and discover you are a shining star. Allow all around you to just be. Let go of trying to control life for the light of your soul will guide you always towards love. Remember, stars are born through explosions of love. Love illuminates all things. Never forget you are truly a shining star.

Virgo!!! Happy NEW moon in YOUR Sun sign! This is YOUR week to SHINE baby! This is your week to bring out a new you for all to see. Get yourself together this week because you will surely be in the spotlight. What can you do to better organize your life this week so that you may shine like the star that you were meant to be? If you are not organized and helping yourself mind, body and soul then you are only doing a disservice to yourself and cannot serve others in the purest form that only you can do. It's time to stop being shy, a lot of you Virgo's are truly shy beings. It's time to see the beautiful you that others have always been able to see. It's not what others think that matter here. It's what you think about yourself. Virgo's have a tendency to get stuck in their thoughts so make sure you are keeping your mind free of debris.

You are the purest of heart, be pure of your mind also. You matter in this world. Show yourself the love you always give to others. This week is important for you! Let go of any old thought patterns that have kept you from shining and allow a new you to be seen mostly by you!


"Helping other's is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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