9/17-9/23/2018 Weekly Tarot-All Signs


For this week I was hearing Universal message so this is for all signs.

EVERYONE HAS OR IS being put through the ringer so to speak. You're being asked to step up to the plate, but for whom might you wonder? The answer is and has always been, YOU.

The weight you have been carrying all this time? Did it even belong to you? Are you carrying the projections from lives gone by like your ancestors? How about now, like your parents, your "friends", your partners? How about what you have put upon yourself?

You're being made to face some demons - some may be yours, others of what was injected into you that took over. You need to step up and find out the difference here. Lifetimes of bullshit runs through your veins. Do you bleed out onto others - do you allow others to bleed out onto you? Life is asking you to transform NOW. To go to the depths of your core being and find out if you are really you or have you been - everyone else?

Look into the mirror and ask yourself - who you really are.

Do you know the answer? Do you know what you really love and value? Do you know what YOUR soul really wants? Does it want what it wants from fear or from your souls authenticity?

Life to this very point has been mirroring back your very thoughts and emotions but have they truly been your own or what was always projected/injected for you to believe?

YOU, hold the key to the life you want to show up for you. You, are a co-creator here. How will you co-create with the Universe, with God, with the energy that surrounds your very being? Whatever your belief, how?

You have to die a little (or a lot in some cases) inside to give birth to the true you at your core.

It's time for boundaries - healthy ones for yourself. It's time to be alive and really live unafraid of being hurt.

What is life without love, what is love without life? What is life without love for yourself?

It's time to guard yourself but in a healthy way, not out of fear but out of love for yourself. Justice is served when you step up for yourself and take a stand for the love that is and always has been YOU.

Settling is OVER.

Carrying others fears, battles and poisons is OVER.

Help those that are willing and wanting to help themselves, step away from all else.

Step away from those that are just seeking justification and attention for their self inflicted pains, the ones not willing to show up at all for themselves. KNOW the difference here.

If the pain is blame - this is a shame..

Don't waste the time of others. Don't waste your own.

Stop resisting. Start receiving.

You are NOT waiting on life to happen for you. Life is waiting on you to happen.

You are here on purpose, for a purpose. Make your time here joyful.

Pull the plug on the bullshit.

If you're still waiting/expecting others to show up for you - you've been waiting on the wrong person(s). It is/has been your core being waiting on you...

Know your worth. Oh and have a little more compassion and patience with yourself. Transformation isn't always an instant overnight thing. Love yourself.



Life is a trip, the journey is up to you... Your life is yet, so undiscovered. Isn't it time to discover what really awaits you when you decide to start this raw journey that is all yours?

You won't make it, until you break it.


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