9/24-9/30/2018 Weekly Tarot-Full Moon Reading

Happy Full Moon in Aries!

Aries rules the self, your very identity, the projected image you show to the world, your motivations, the fire in your belly.

How have you really been treating yourself?

You may be feeling alone in your endeavors at this time, possibly lonely, possibly bound by something you no longer want in your life.

Only you will know what that is. What has kept you bound from experiencing what you're really here for? You can't blame anyone for your own unhappiness in life. It's all shining on you at this time. Where or what have you settled for? Where did you sell yourself short? At what point did you stop taking care of YOU and YOUR needs for the sake of others happiness? Where did you stop loving yourself above all others? When did you stop feeling joy for life and why? Your biggest purpose here is to find JOY. That joy begins within you, your heart and soul.

No one can fill this for you. No one is here to complete you. However, they are here to compliment the way you have treated yourself. So, how well have others shown up for you? Well, that depends on how well you've shown up for yourself.

YOU are the warrior for your life. YOU are YOUR savior. YOU are YOUR heart and soul and joy.

Take this time to find who you really are and what you really want out of YOUR life. Take this time to find what really brings you joy. WHAT makes you smile, what makes your heart sing? Take this time to get to know yourself, to really start showing up for yourself and LOVING who and what you are.

Stop waiting on someone or some thing to show up and show up for yourself. YOU are what you've been waiting on.

All is not lost. It's always been right with you, within you.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. The only thing wrong is where you stopped believing in yourself and stopped loving yourself.

As I always say,

you're not waiting on life to happen for you. Life is waiting on you to happen for you.

Nothing can show up for you the way your heart desires until you start showing up for yourself. Stand in what you've always been, your own worth.

Somewhere along the road of life, you let yourself down. Maybe you believed in the fears or projections of others. The past no longer needs repeating. This needs to stop NOW. Take the unknown roads, the ones less traveled, the ones with least resistance.

Take them alone and get to know yourself and where you may have went wrong. Own it and let it go for good.

It's time for something love filled to show up. It's time for YOU.

If you ever wanted to manifest something, this week is the time!

STOP the madness of letting yourself down. Stop blocking the love that has always been trying to find you.



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