9/4 - 9/9/2018 Weekly Tarot

Quite the week we have ahead of us! One full of emotions, ups and downs. Get prepared. Remember, it is how you react or respond to people and situations that will matter and you are the only one in control of you.

No matter what you are facing - stay strong, stay in your lane and keep pushing through.

If you are feeling anxious and stressed, mediation and deep breathing is the fastest way to relieve yourself from that.

Have faith that whatever is being presented is what should be presented. There is a lesson in everything but how you handle it is what matters here. Do you allow yourself to be over dramatic, do you allow yourself to crumble and fall, do you take the fight or flight route because you don't know how to handle your emotions?

You are so much stronger than you may give yourself credit for.

Where you are in this moment is exactly where your soul chose to be. Try to see the lesson in all matters. No matter how tough they may be. Maybe something happened that needed to pull your friends and family closer together, maybe things are crumbling for you to see that you may not have needed as much as you once thought, there are many scenarios this could be.

Do continue to pursue your dreams, passions and desires as this will get you closer to where you want to be. Do allow the things that are falling away to fall with ease as something better is trying to find its way to you. Endings happen for new beginnings to take place. Endings happen to make room for better.

Know that taking no steps and doing nothing will get you exactly that - nothing. Things will stay the same and if you're not happy then make some necessary changes. Even small steps are better than none at all.

If you need help, ask and you shall receive. Help will be there and be offered to you however, if you don't reach out then how can anyone know you need help?

Let go of any pride this week.

Deaths happen so that a rebirth can occur. Something has to change and give within you. Some of you are carrying too many burdens - some that may not even belong to you. Some are being pushed to work even harder whether physically or mind-body-soul. When you take that extra step and do what you know deep down needs to happen - you will be rewarded. Rewards for your efforts are near but only as close as you are in forward movement to reach your desires. This life is in your hands. It's up to you how far you will or want to go. Remember, life is waiting for you to happen! If you are sitting around blaming others and waiting for life to change, your sitting around in blame just may be the issue why your life isn't taking a turn in the direction you really want it to go. Life is too short to be miserable. Go make a change and start living in joy. Make your life the way you think is only in your daydreams. It is possible because you are possible. You are here for good reason. Don't waste it.


Five of Wands-Four of Wands-Four of Cups-Death-Ten of Wands-Wheel of Fortune

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