"A true enlightening experience"

My first reading with Susan was in March 2018. I highly recommend her for a true enlightening experience. I have had readings with Psychics and Tarot Readers before and nobody has ever given me a message from someone who has passed on. What I can share is that I did feel an energy around me a few weeks before the reading but I didn't know who it was and I didn't mention it to her. Well, 22 years ago, my cousin introduced me to a guy and we had a strong connection from the first day. A few months later my cousin told me he committed suicide. Susan gave me a message from him. Thank you Susan and I am grateful to have followed you via Facebook and I would not hesitate to contact her for a reading. C. F. - California

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"I highly recommend her"

Over the last 2 years, I have gone through a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and Susan was there with me through all of it. She knew things she couldn't have known, unless divinely guided on my beh

"Susan rocks"

Susan has a tremendous gift and so much so that you need to take thorough notes as some of the messages may not hit you until after your reading is finished. She kept insisting on a message the first

"Amazingly insightful"

Susan did a life coaching session with me and provided some amazing insight not only about who I was and where I was headed, but about things in the past and things to come that she couldn't possibly

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