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Psychic Medium Readings

A Psychic Medium session with me will connect you with friends and/or family in Spirit whom choose to connect with you. This session will provide confirmations and advice from Spirit as they see fit for you, as well as closure from loved ones that have departed this physical life.

Thirty minute reading: $87.50 US dollars.


One hour: $175.00 US dollars. Please call to speak with me before clicking below to purchase.

Picture Readings

Interested in a future lover, current relationship, or friend? A Picture Reading session with me will give you insights into your current or future relationship with this person. This session will consist of you sending me a picture of the individual you want insight on; and you will get a call back with the psychic insight. 

Price: $25.00 US dollars per person. Please call to speak with me before clicking below to purchase. This call is approximately fifteen minutes in duration.


Spiritual Life Path/Astrology Reading

This session is to guide you to your innate souls purpose in this lifetime. This session will connect you to your true intended path (purpose) in this life for true success and happiness, also a guide to what you've been through and what is to come. A session is approximately one hour.

Price: $75.00 US dollars per person. You will need your birth date, birth location and exact time of birth for this session. Please call to speak with me before clicking below to purchase.

Distant Reiki Healing - Chakra Balancing

A Reiki-Chakra Balancing is a Japanese form of alternative healing using Universal Life Force Energy. This is channeled through me to you. Reiki is used for healing the mind-body-soul connection. When our chakra's are out of alignment it can create a dis-ease in the body which results in disease. Reiki is great for all ailments.

Price: One hour session at $120.00. Half hour session at $60.00. 

Please call before ordering! Thank you!

Pricing List and Purchasing Options

*Any session that needs to be rescheduled must be done so at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. Absolutely NO REFUNDS for any purchase made; no exceptions! Please call me prior to clicking below to purchase!* 1-804-837-7110


Half Hour Psychic Medium Reading - $87.50

One Hour Psychic Medium Reading - $175.00

Fifteen Minute Picture Reading Session - $25.00

Spiritual Life Path Reading - $75.00

 Distant Reiki Healing-Chakra Balancing - $120.00

"This is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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